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Profitable Laser Cutting of PCBs

Imagine a cutting system that is adaptable to rapidly changing volumes and a wide variety of products. Imagine a system that helps to meet the ever tougher manufacturing accuracy requirements and time-to-market goals. That is what the LPKF MicroLine cutting systems are designed for. The new LPKF MicroLine 6000 P delivers a top level of performance.

High Cutting Performance, Low Costs

Increasing operational capacity while decreasing total cost of ownership – this has been the strategic objective for the development of the LPKF MicroLine 6000 P. The innovative laser system masters the balancing act between outstanding cutting results and a high throughput. The novel in-line ready design sets a new benchmark for simple integration into the production line.

Fast Return on Investment

The investment in an LPKF MicroLine 6000 P pays for itself in a matter of months, as the speed and functionality provides you with an advantage over competing board houses. Turn-around times for PCB prototypes are much faster than traditional methods, and tooling costs for die-cutting can be eliminated. The requirement for highly accurate board outlines turns from a challenge into an advantage. Significant yield improvements also help to cut production costs. The LPKF MicroLine 6000 P opens up new opportunities for you with flexibility and maximum throughput.

Enjoy Worldwide Support

LPKF MicroLine users all over the world enjoy the short link to our application centers in Germany, the USA and China. There they receive support for their new project, new processes, and applications based on LPKF’s years of experience in laser material processing. Training for your operating staff and technical service completes the beneficial relationship with the world leader in PCB laser cutting.

  • Eliminates tooling – no stress, no burr
  • Same day production – directly from data
  • Superior accuracy – depth-controlled cutting

Coverlayer Cutting

The complex products of today and the future require the kind of higher density and finer detail only possible with laser technology, including the ability to cut arbitrary shapes and smaller apertures. Mechanical stress on the foil, die misalignment, and contamination of the work piece are all issues virtually eliminated by laser processing.

Rigid-Flex and Decap Applications

Due to the high process stability the MicroLine 6000 P laser system is cutting with controlled depths. Therefore it is able to perform half-cut operations e.g. for decap applications of rigid-flex PCBs. The system is suitable for creating pockets for embedded components with superior edge quality.

Cutting of FPCs and PCBs

The ability to cut complex shapes in a stress free process enables the placement of more circuits on a single panel while increasing the accuracy and reducing the burr formation. The flexibility of the LPKF MicroLine 6000 P allows a large number of designs to be processed in a short time.

  • Maximum throughput
  • Easy operation
  • Large working area 610 x 457 mm (24” x 21")

Constant Scan Technology for Maximum Throughput

Cutting while moving the scanner – the Constant Scan Technology eliminates non-productive time. Integrating a powerful UV laser source and a high speed linear positioning system the LPKF MicroLine 6000 P delivers unique throughput.

In-line Ready Right Away

The MicroLine 6000 P is prepared with integrated feeders and SMEMA-compatible interfaces. The gantry architecture allows for transporting the applications simply in or through the machine via conveyor handling or by operating a loader/unloader unit.

Clean Process

LPKF’s special exhaust system provides clean boards and avoids pollution in the work environment. Particles are kept away from the system’s optics to reduce the frequency of maintenance.

Easy Machine Control

The data handling is very convenient and reduces changeover time to a minimum. Parameters are easy to choose with intuitive menu-driven software. All common data formats are supported.

Process-integrated Quality Assurance

A new drift-compensated scanning head and an automatic adjustment function based on an optional power sensor ensure high process stability for the LPKF MicroLine 6000 P and a constant cutting quality.

Integration in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

The LPKF MicroLine 6000 P creates interfaces for integration in an overall MES infrastructure. This supports the collection of operational data, machine assignment, Tracking & Tracing, as well as product-routing.