Rapid Prototyping of PCBs

Seeing is Believing Meet with LPKF at IMS 2019!

Stop by LPKF’s Booth #1224 at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Philadelphia, PA from June 4th-6th to see the making of Printed Circuit Boards in-person!

LPKF will have on-floor demonstrations of their latest laser system, the LPKF ProtoLaser U4, which is an enhanced version of the predecessor with an extended application range that makes it an extremely valuable tool in any electronics lab. Their best-selling PCB milling system, the ProtoMat S103, will also be in attendance for demonstrations. Want to see these powerful, in-lab solutions in-person? Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting with us now!

Benefits of the ProtoLaser U4

  • Production on-demand RF/microwave applications
  • Produces precise geometries on a range of substrates
  • Requires no additional masks or tools
  • UV laser wavelength for expanded process window
  • High precision fiducial camera and image processing system for optimized PCB prototyping

Benefits of the ProtoMat S103

  • Produces PCB prototypes with fine resolution
  • Carefully depanels irregular shaped flexible circuit boards
  • Included vacuum table for reworking damaged PCBs
  • Optical fiducial recognition and milling resolution
ProtoLaser U4
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