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PowerWeld 2000

LPKF PowerWeld 2000 Series

Download PDF Datasheet Here The PowerWeld 2000 is a standalone unit designed for a wide range of volumes and applications, from R&D to full production. The compact housing results in a small footprint, ideal for labs or production cells. The sliding front door allows for ease of access and versatility.

A Turnkey Solution

LPKF welding machines come as turnkey, laser welding solutions. All of the components necessary to the process are included: laser source and optics, motion control (galvo-scanner), clamping module, PLC, HMI, contour software and more are all encased in sleak, user friendly design.

A Flexible Process

LPKF is a pioneer in quasi-simultaenous welding, with over 11 years experience welding with the technique. Modifications to the weld contour can be simply done by loading the new layout data into LPKF's proprietary laser welding software, ProSet. Changing from one product to the next requires minimal time and effort.
PowerWeld 2000PowerWeld 2000 PowerWeld 2600 (Rotary Table)PowerWeld 2600 (Rotary Table) PowerWeld 2000 MF Clamping UnitPowerWeld 2000 MF Clamping Unit

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