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InlineWeld Systems

InlineWeld Systems

A Complete Laser Welding Solution for Seamless Integration Into Automation Lines

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InlineWeld systems consist of an integratable welding head and a separate control cabinet. The welding head contains the:

  • Laser entry (collimation block)
  • Optics
  • Scanner for beam motion control
  • Clamping module
  • Upper clamp tooling

The control cabinet houses the:

  • Laser source
  • Chiller
  • PLC
  • Siemens HMI
  • Optional PC

The basic system is completely customizable with optional accessories. Modular construction permits simple and cost-effective adjustment of the system to any type of application by selecting the optimum laser power and optical components. The clamping device is fast and efficient, perfect for a wide range of different components.

Because the control cabinet can be installed in a separate location from the integrated welding head, InlineWeld systems easily fit into pre-existing assembly setup. Comprehensive automation interfaces complete the task.

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