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Plug & Play for a fast start

Each LPKF circuit board plotter includes a comprehensive software package for importing data from any PCB layout CAD package and controlling the plotter. This software is designed to be simple to use, perfectly matched to the hardware, and compatible with all standard CAD programs.

LPKF CircuitPro will import all data exchange formats, offers extensive editing options and controls the circuit board plotters. In addition the software produces stencils for solder resist masks and assembly prints. LPKF CircuitPro Lite is a simpler version of LPKF CircuitPro for entry level LPKF circuit board plotters.

Powerful yet user friendly: LPKF CircuitPro

Powerful yet user friendly: these two attributes were at the top of the list of requirements for developing the new LPKF CircuitPro system software. Even less experienced users can fabricate complex circuit board prototypes with the well-thought-out user interaction and helpful wizards. The sophisticated functions for calculating control commands are hidden behind a simple control concept.

The software processes precisely the data required by circuit board manufacturers. CircuitPro automatically imports aperture tables and tool lists, Gerber and NC data. The wizard controls LPKF CircuitPro according to the data entered and suggests the most efficient production method. For example galvanized through plating requires the structuring process to be carried out after the PCB has been galvanized – which the wizard considers.

Once jobs have been defined they can be saved and quickly be opened again for additional production runs. A 30 day trial version of the LPKF CircuitPro software is available upon request.


CircuitPro guides you through the board production process:

LPKF CircuitPro CAM software LPKF CircuitPro CAM software LPKF CircuitPro CAM software


The Lite version of the LPKF CircuitPro system software is customized for the requirements of the two Rapid PCB Prototyping entry-level models, the LPKF ProtoMat S43 and the LPKF ProtoMat E33. Click on the next tab to view specifications of both CircuitPro Full and CircuitPro Lite.

To see full specifications for CircuitPro Full and CircuitPro Lite, click here.