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Through-hole plating and multilayer solutions

Assuring professional quality through-hole conductivity is critical in the production of state-of-the-art PCB prototypes and breadboards. LPKF offers several solutions to complement its already impressive line of equipment for producing in-house prototypes.  Each solution offers in-house conductivity, reducing prototyping turnaround time and drastically reducing time-to-market in prototyping and development cycles.

LPKF also offers improved equipment for fabricating multilayer PCBs of professional and reliable quality, expanding the capabilities of any in-house prototyping solution.


The LPKF ProConduct® system is a simple-to-use through-hole conductivity solution perfect for small fabrication runs. The ProConduct® system avoids the use of chemical baths by using a manually applied conductive polymer that works quickly and efficiently to plate through-holes in boards of any size or shape.

MiniContac RS
Contac RS/MiniContac RS

LPKF’s MiniContac RS is a professional stand-alone self-contained chemical through-hole plating solution, ideal for multilayer boards, and featuring reverse-pulse plating for consistent, efficient results.

MultiPress S MultiPress S

The LPKF MultiPress S is a bench-top multilayer press, ideal for creating multilayer circuit boards in a laboratory or prototyping environment, and featuring pressing times of approximately ninety minutes -- faster turnaround times than ever before!



“To me, using the LPKF circuit board plotter is the most useful, time-saving and flexible way to produce my prototypes and individual boards fast and wish high precision. Together with through-hole plating system
this is really the most profitable investment.”
   - Herbert Oppenborn, Doepke Schalttrager GmbH & Co.